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Scholarships and Awards

PHSC Scholarship is awarded to a graduate based on those exemplary qualities possessed: honor, character, leadership, responsibility, service to the community, willingness to participate, and a strong desire to succeed.


Closed: 2023
















Hello Teachers, Counselors, and Principals,

On May 7, 2022, The Philadelphia Home and School Council will be celebrating its 125th Birthday. To commemorate 125 years of parents serving our schools and community we will be hosting our 125 Block Party on June 4th, 2022, at the Dell East. At this time we will be honoring 73 High School Seniors from all Public and Public Charter schools in Philadelphia.

For this year, we have changed some protocols so that we can give a small token of appreciation to the class of 2022. 

Because we feel that Teachers, Counselors, and Principals play a vital role in our children's success, we did not want to leave any of you out of our process.

The insight you have is key and very much needed.

The Philadelphia Home and School Council will be giving small monetary awards to one student from each high school in the city, regardless if they have a member Home and School Association in the building.

This includes all public and public charter. 
That's 73 schools, 73 seniors! 


  •  Be a 2022 High School Graduate of a Public or Public Charter School

  •  Achieved in-person learning after a pandemic that may have mentally and emotionally drained them

  • Struggled through the pandemic but showed up for themselves and allowed others to support their growth despite what complications or trauma that was happening in their home or school

  • Typically would not be honored as they may be the "C" average student and attend school despite their hardships. 

  • Provide a picture for our records and all social media outlets.

  • Complete the form below (Data is necessary)




In order to complete this process, you must submit the short application by May 25th, 2022.
Awards will be given on June 4th at the Dell Music Center.

The Philadelphia Home and School Council reserve the right to deny a nomination if the senior does not meet the requirements listed above and/or pictures are not submitted.
Forms should be filled out by a Teacher, Counselor, or Principal.
Please no parent, guardian, or student submissions.
One student per school!

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