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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow




To teach and train parents how to become activated educational activists and parent organizers in all neighborhoods to ensure that their communities are protected against the displacement of students while helping them collaborate with local/statewide organizations and school administration guaranteeing that each student has an equitable and holistic educational experience.


Who We Are, What We Do


We are the umbrella Organization for all Home and School Associations in The Philadelphia Public and Public Charter Schools. We are the only leadership body that is allowed to form, re-install, and re-establish Home and School Associations in public schools and public charter schools.


We assist school-based associations by giving them the tools they need to organize and carry out activities important to the education and welfare of public and charter school students.


We are a parent-based organization that requires our members and stakeholder volunteers to have yearly criminal and child abuse backgrounds checks. We believe in the safety of all our children and staff in the Philadelphia School District.


We are the only organization that has direct and regular contact with parents, students, and staff. We work to organize collaboration within individual schools within every administrative area of the city.  This close and continuous contact with parents who are taking initiatives within so many schools gives us a unique perspective on who they are, what they want, and what they are prepared to do.


We teach parents, guardians, and caregivers, how to advocate for their students and staff. We do our best to bring information and updates to all groups regardless of whether they are a member or parent.


We are committed to representing our diverse parent and student voices, new initiatives, and in all schools.  We have outreach capacity and the in-roads to the parent body.


Communicating through:


  • PHSC Monthly General Membership Meeting

  • Web site (

  • Facebook – Search for Philadelphia Home and School Council

  • Quarterly Membership Meetings

  • Officers training

  • YouTube

We Proudly collaborate with The School District of Philadelphia to make public education all that it can and should be. We are dedicated to the health and welfare of the whole student and their Parent, Guardian, or Caregiver to ensure the lines of communication between the Home and the School is open and mutually responsive.

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