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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main PHSC office number?

(215) 400-4080 Please leave a message if we are not available.

We are either on the other line or out in the field. Someone should return your call within 72 hours.

How do we start a Home and School Association at my school?

You may call the PHSC office and we will assist in the formation or email us @


Where can I find the membership application?

The  Membership Application can be found on PHSC Home page on this website. 

Where do I send my membership dues?

Membership dues along with the signature page should be mailed to: 

Philadelphia Home and School Council

Room 115

440 North Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130 

Attention: Membership Chair


They may also be handed in to your Network Representative or delivered to an approved Council member at our monthly General Membership meeting or your monthly Network Meeting. Check our calendar for those dates.


When are your membership fees due?

Dues are due in September of every year if your HSA is already formed. 

Dues must be paid before December 31. In a PHSC election year this will allow your HSA a vote in the may election. Membership dues covers an academic school year.


How does a newly formed HSA pay dues?

The newly formed Home and School Association may run a membership drive to raise your membership dues. Please contact your PHSC Network Liaison for more information.

If our new HSA is not formed until late in the school year do we have to pay dues?

Yes, all members in good standing shall be entitled to liability insurance provided by PHSC. You will be covered for any fundraising events and meetings held until the beginning of the next academic school year. It also allows HSA to host events or meetings over the summer months.


Can a school district employee hold a  position on the HSA?

A school district employee can hold any position in the HSA with the exception of Treasurer. School District policy #126 states that no full time or part time district employee can be a Home and School Treasurer or signer.


Can your school ask parents to sign a Title 1 sign in sheet at a HSA meeting?

Yes, if there is a discussion of Title 1 on the agenda. 


Can Title 1 pay for food at meetings?

Yes, but you must have a RSVP response. Please check with your Schools Liaison, Network Superintendent, or the Title 1 office at 440 N. Broad Street.


How can a Home and School Associations website link to their specific school's website?

You must contact your school's technology department with permission from your principal. You may create your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with your executive boards approval with the understanding pass over the passwords and log in once your term is over.

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