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Policies and Procedures

 Philadelphia Home and School Council Policies and Procedures

***All Home and School Associations are required to have a Policy and Procedure Binder

on file in their office and/or workspace. ***

Having a Policy and Procedures binder means that your HSA doesn't have to reinvent the wheel every time there's a leadership change. It also means that all the hard work you leaders did and the knowledge you all gained will benefit the organization after you're gone.

When policies are documented, parent group leaders can use logic and precedent to deal with tough situations. Rules can be applied consistently, decisions can be made without the influence of emotion or personal relationships, and feelings of exclusion or bias can be prevented.

 A Policy and Procedures binder can also transmit the values and time-honored traditions that are important to your Parent Group. A Well-crafted  Policies and Procedures binder can spare your future members the frustration, anxiety, and inefficiency that come from being tossed into a new situation with no life raft.

**some policies and procedures can be changed depending on the status or

needs of HSAs individual 501c3's**

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