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President Biography

Walette E. Carter: A Lifelong Advocate for Education

Personal Background
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am a proud alumna of Germantown High School and the Philadelphia public school system. I'm a devoted mother to Christine and Reginald, and a doting YaYa to my grandchildren, Dallas and Kingsley. Dallas is currently enrolled at the Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, while Kingsley is a rapidly growing two-year-old.

Commitment to Education
No matter where I've lived, I've been a steadfast advocate for educational improvement. My involvement in education spans various roles in the Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) of West Mifflin, PA, and Mechanicsville, VA. I firmly believe that family engagement is crucial for a child's holistic success—academically, emotionally, and physically.

Return to Philadelphia
Upon returning to my hometown, I channeled my experience into supporting my grandson's education. My first engagement was with Discovery Charter School's Home and School Association (HSA), where I served as President. This role allowed me to plan numerous family, social, and educational events, and also deepened my understanding of how charter schools integrate into Philadelphia's public school system.

Current Involvements
Now in my fourth year with the HSA at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, I've found the experience rewarding not just for my grandson, but also for the broader school community. After three years as President, I've transitioned to the role of Treasurer this year, allowing me to explore other ways to serve Philadelphia's educational landscape. I currently sit on the Boards of the PCAC and Face Action Group within the School District of Philadelphia.

Vision for the Future: Leading the Charge
As the President of the Philadelphia Home and School Council, my mission goes beyond mere membership. I am at the helm, steering our collective efforts to elevate the quality of education in Philadelphia. I am committed to using my energy, voice, and determination to collaborate with parents, families, communities, elected officials, and the School District of Philadelphia. Together, we can make our schools not just the best in Pennsylvania, but among the best in the nation. I urge all Philadelphians to join me in this pivotal endeavor, ensuring that our schools offer the best possible environment for our students, teachers, and staff.

Key Takeaways

  • Lifelong dedication to educational advocacy, spanning multiple cities and roles.

  • Current President of the Philadelphia Home and School Council, leading initiatives to improve education.

  • A strong belief in family engagement as a cornerstone for student success.

  • An open invitation to the community to join in transforming Philadelphia's schools.


Join me in making a difference in our schools. Your support can help shape the future of education in Philadelphia.

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