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I am Walette E Carter, born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I attended Philadelphia public schools and graduated from Germantown High School. I am the proud mother of two children, Christine and Reginald, The YaYa of two grandchildren, Dallas and Kingsley. My oldest grandson, Dallas attends Science Leadership Academy at Beeber and Kingsley is a fast growing two year old. Having lived in many places, I have always been a part of my children’s education and an advocate for making schools better no matter where we have lived. I have served in the PTA, in the school districts of West Mifflin, PA and Mechanicsville, VA. I believe that parent and family participation is a vital part of our children succeeding in school, not only academically but emotionally and physically as well. Upon returning to Philadelphia, I took my experiences raising my children, working in their schools, to help out with raising my grandson. Discovery Charter School was the first school here in Philadelphia, where I became a part of the Home and School Association. I served as the President of their HSA planning many family, social, and educational events. It also allowed me to learn how charter schools are a part of the public school system here in Philadelphia. Upon my grandson's entrance into Science Leadership Academy at Beeber in fifth grade, I joined their HSA. This is my fourth year participating and working within the HSA and I have found it not only beneficial to my grandson, but to the school at large. I served for three years as president and this year, I am serving as treasurer, so that I can pursue other avenues serving the students, families and schools within the city of Philadelphia. Currently I also serve on the Boards of the PCAC and Face Action Group, within the School District of Philadelphia. I believe that all children, no matter who they are, should have access to the best of the best in their school. Working now with the Philadelphia Home and School Council, I feel that I can use my energy, voice and determination, in partnership with the parents, families, communities, elected officials and the School District of Philadelphia to make our schools the best in Pennsylvania and the nation. So please, Philadelphians, I urge you to join me in the effort to make OUR Schools the best of the best for our students, teachers and staff!

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