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Fundraising Ideas

Scholastic Book Fair

It's an awesome opportunity to buy books and support your child's school too. 

Chuck E. Cheese

Sit back and relax, we have everything you need to make your elementary school fundraiser a platinum hit.

Mr. Sticky's

We offer mobile bakeries/ concession trailers for events of all types – fundraisers, fairs and more. 


Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly to your organization upon purchase.


The Funds2Orgs Group helps YOU raise money with creative fundraising ideas, without asking for money or selling anything.


Need a new fundraising idea for this year's fundraiser? Not sure where to start? No need to worry! Cherrydale offers something for everyone.


BlackBear Fundraising has all that you need for a reliable, profitable fundraiser.


Want to raise the bar with your next fundraising effort? Have fun and earn more profits by selling everyone’s favorite candy products.

Brick Markers

Brick Markers® USA will provide a profitable campaign to any fundraising project. Our engraved bricks, pavers, and tiles sell themselves.

Box Tops

Schools clip Box Tops and earn cash to buy the things they needed: books, computers, playground equipment and more...


A Flapjack Fundraiser event is when we offer our restaurant facility during non-operating hours to help you raise money. 

Custom Ink T-shirt

Sell Custom T-shirts. Collect Donations. Easy. Custom Ink Fundraising makes raising funds and awareness risk-free.

Double Good

With 50% of each item sold going directly back to your organization, we make fundraising easy and effective.


Instead of spending time selling overpriced fundraising products, students focus on reading.

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