To coordinate the efforts of the Home and School Associations, and to promote the educational, mental, spiritual, and physical welfare of children.


To further communications, and interactions between the home and the school, and to develop the highest individual talent, character, and behavior of children.


To plan programs of vital interest to parent and school personnel, in their common efforts.


To sponsor Parent Education Leadership Training and parent workshops, and networking with community leaders.


To stimulate the interest of all adults in the importance to the community, of good schools, and adequate recreational facilities.


To support legislation, and to promote public policies to secure the highest standard of education for all children of every age, sex, race, creed, national, social, and economic backgrounds.


To assist in the organization of Member Associations in all public schools in Philadelphia.


The Philadelphia Home and School Council has partnered with the community and faith based organizations.  The outreach service has helped empower and strengthen the lives of the parents and children in the community and schools.

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