As the head of the organization, the President is responsible for managing a strong, cohesive team, ensuring all officers are carrying out their duties, and setting an agenda for the organization. As the organization’s primary diplomat and spokesperson, the President must also build and maintain strong relationships with PHSC partners, especially the School District of Philadelphia.


Primary Duties:

  • Preside at all meetings of Council.

  •  Appoint the Chairpersons of all Committees with the exception of the Nominating and Auditing Committees which shall be elected in accordance with the Bylaws. 

  • Be a member, ex‐officio, but not the Chairperson, of all committees except the Nominating and Auditing Committees

  • Represent Council at meetings of other organizations to further PHSC objectives

  • Issue public statements reflecting the majority of the Executive Board.

  •  Promote harmonious working relationships between Officers and Chairpersons as they carry out the plans agreed by the Executive Board.


Internal Relationships:

  • Ensure assigned Council Members fully understand projects, providing effective feedback to members (positive and critical), identify and promote growth opportunities 

  • Implement firm policies around recruiting council members, training and account management that result in top-notch HSA service as well as a positive work environment that fosters a pattern of long-term member retention

  • Take the lead on implementing at least one internal program/procedure per quarter that improves office morale and/or contributes to council members retention


External Relationships:

  • Be the primary spokesperson for PHSC to all organizations

  • Identify new partnership opportunities and communicate to the Executive Board for consideration

  • Maintain a network of nonprofit and foundation connections that can be tapped for new partnership and sponsorship opportunities

  • Develop and conduct PHSC trainings 

  • Make periodic check-in calls to HSA’s and/or SDP officials as part of support plan

  • Develop relationships with vendors or contractors that represent a variety of fields (media, policy, design, Web, etc.) and can be used on projects as needed

  • Develop relationships with other organizations that are like-minded and suitable for/open to partnering with PHSC on projects when appropriate


Communication and Processes:

  • Write templates communication plans and campaign strategies that demonstrate PHSC creative approach

  • Offer unique strategies tailored to the needs of the HSA’s and provide enough detail that they can be implemented by a HSA 

  • Lead proposal process for new partner and/or sponsorship opportunities 

  • Work to consistently meet internal and external deadlines


Financial and Administrative

  • Regularly update Executive Board on projections for organizational and fundraising revenue targets

  • Identify and utilize steps to minimize cost and time by improving/streamlining internal systems or procedures

  • Target Organizations for sponsorship, financial support, and/or sponsorship

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