PHSC Scholarship is awarded to a graduate based on those exemplary qualities possessed: honor, character, leadership, responsibility, service to the community, willingness to participate and a strong desire to succeed.



PHSC Scholarship applications will be sent to valid High School HSA's who have met the criteria by December 31. The HSA President and school administrators work collaboratively to nominate one student from each respective schools for this award.


  • Must be a current student of a valid HSA High School within the School District of Philadelphia the time of their application.

  • Must exhibit exceptional leadership potential.

  • Must participate in community service activities.

  • Demonstrate a financial need for assistance.

  • Student must be a current school year graduate.

  • Student must have a “C” or above average and must be in good academic standing for the current academic year.

  • Good attendance; punctuality will also be taken into consideration.

  • Demonstrate the desire to seek additional education at an institution of higher learning, trade school, military, or employment.

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