Sheppard supporters crowd CSPR forum to defend their school

Updated: March 10, 2020

Among the 21 schools discussed at the Comprehensive School Planning Review public forums, only one school community bucked the process entirely:


A Philly miracle: Amid closures, this elementary school is reopening its library

Updated: January 11, 2019

For as long as Anna Zhang has attended Bache-Martin Elementary School, the library was a locked room with old books...


Parents at Jackson demand solutions for South Philly’s crowded schools

Posted January 10, 2019

The combined gym and auditorium at Andrew Jackson Elementary  School quickly filled up Wednesday night with parents concerned about the...


Shawmont School honored by Philadelphia Home and School Council

Posted May 13, 2018

The Philadelphia Home and School Council has honored Principal McGrogan of Shawmont School with the distinguished 2018 Principal Partnership Award!...


Philadelphia Home and School Council « CBS Philly 

Posted February 3, 2015

Group Of Philadelphia Parents Speaks Out Against Standardized Tests In SchoolA small but vocal group of Philadelphia parents is spreading the word about ...


New leadership for Home & School Council - Philadelphia Public ... 

​Posted Sep 25, 2002

The Philadelphia Home and School Council, the citywide umbrella organization for the 163 official Home and School Associations in...




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