Letter from the PHSC President...

Dear Home and School Association Families and Friends,


My name is Shakeda Gaines and I am the new President of the Philadelphia Home and School Council for the 2017-2018 school year.


During my visits to different schools across the city of Philadelphia as the President of PHSC, I have learned so much and seen first hand many great and positive things that HSA’s are doing in their respective schools and communities. From a couple of Home and School Associations raising thousands for their high school seniors, to seeing Home and School Associations helping every child in need receive a coat for the winter season.


Your methods of how you interact with your parents and teachers has been the highlight of my tour! Seeing many principals happily engaged with their HSA’s, parents traveling directly after work to come to a meeting, teachers proudly proclaiming that they love their HSA, and students who love you and know that you are there for their well being, makes me proud to sit on this board.


Now, I must admit I have also seen the disheartening side of the tour and I am very sadden to learn that many of your experiences with Council have not been to the best of standards. Our Customer Service was less than adequate at times and we should have handled some matters of business differently.


I understand your frustration at having made a simple request to speak with someone who had the authority to fix some problems at hand and receiving little to no help. We let you down in that regard and for that, I am apologetic. I take responsibility for my part in the situation and ask that you all please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of The Philadelphia Home and School Council.


As I continue the tour of schools, I am hoping to hear on going feedback; positive and negative. My goal is to learn more about how PHSC can better service you all while reassuring HSA’s that PHSC as an organization will work hard to try to prevent our HSA Officers from feeling alone or uneducated about any process or protocols.

We are learning from our past achievements and losses and now have a better understanding of exactly what our Home and School Associations offer the City of Philadelphia and the School District. We have new policies and procedures in place and a whole new team of valuable and reliable men and women who care about the the well being and education of all children across the tristate area.


It's very important to Philadelphia Home and School Council that our Home and Schools Associations, Parents, and Guardians, have access to the material/information they need, trainings, and all questions big and small are answered in a timely matter. With our new policies and procedures, we are expecting that by the start of the new school year PHSC will be ready to fully support every school in the City of Philadelphia public and charter.


We pride ourselves on the 120 years of advocating for our parents, guardians, students, and teachers and the continued service that PHSC has provided to Philadelphia through the coordinated efforts of the Home and School Associations, and the promotion of educational, mental, spiritual, and the physical welfare of children.


We will continue to stand and grow with our parents and Home and School Association Officers throughout the changes in the district and in our city, citing our motto “Parents for Parents for Students”.

Thank you all for your time and dedication,

Shakeda Gaines

Shakeda Gaines, President

Philadelphia Home and School Council