Membership Chairperson



The Membership Chairperson shall be the Chair of the Membership Committee and serve on the PHSC Board as a Vice President


The responsibilities for this position shall be:


  • Form a Membership Committee and work with it throughout the term.

  • Create a plan for membership growth. 

  • Ensure implementation of recruitment and retention procedures.

  • Prepare and implementing Network orientation sessions.

  • Identify and have an understanding of the different membership needs and programs offered by PHSC.

  • Create a plan for membership satisfaction and present the plan to the PHSC Officers and Voting Members for approval;

  • Understand and incorporate membership satisfaction stats into membership growth initiatives and planning.

  • Encourage the recruitment of new members and promote award programs to the HSA members.

  • Ensure new members receive New Member Orientation packages and participate in the HSA trainings. 

  • Create agendas and implement trainings for Network Officer Meetings

  • Submit Membership Chairperson Recruiting Reports and the Membership Report to PHSC once per month.

  • Coordinate with other committees to fulfill position responsibilities.

  • Assist Officers in organizing PHSC workshops to examine the community’s needs, assess our current membership satisfaction, and develop action plans.

  • Conduct exit surveys with members who leave the HSA organization as a way of recruitment and better service of PHSC. (i.e.) term has been completed; school change; school closings.

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