Letter from the PHSC President...

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Dear Home and School Officers:


The Philadelphia Home and School Council, PHSC, is excited to welcome our Home and School Associations (HSA), to the 2018-2019 academic year. The importance and necessity of a HSA cannot be overstated. HSA’s help to create a positive and engaged atmosphere for the overall school community in a multitude of ways. We are able to do this by working collaboratively and cooperatively with parents, teachers and also school and district administration; acting as advocates; providing training and resourceful educational programs for parents/guardians; providing needed financial assistance due to varied budget constraints; organizing social functions; and helping to organize and maintain the volunteer parent network.


PHSC appreciates that HSAs are comprised of volunteers with a variety of skills and experience brought together for one goal: to improve the overall educational experience of all students.  PHSC also understands that running a HSA is not an easy task, and we want to work with you to provide the needed training, support, resources and oversight that you will need to operate with the utmost level of efficiency, fairness and efficacy as you serve your school community.  

We have a lot of work to do this year and we need the support of our member association officers. There are several committees being formed to maintain our present, promote our growth and ensure our future. We hope that you will help us in these endeavors by taking the next step. Additional information will be available soon regarding the need for support in the following areas: Reconstitution of Bylaws, Fiduciary Compliance, Events and Membership Association Support. In the meantime, if you are interested in serving, please contact me directly at philadelphiahsc@gmail.com.

Know that we truly value the work that you do for your school and community. The dedication of your Home and School Board and association members means that you all are committed to the success of your school and the limitless future of the children that you serve. Being a part of this association of members across the city of Philadelphia, we ask you to stand with your fellow HSA’s as we recommit ourselves to our purpose; to Advocate, Educate and Support our schools, our parents and each other.

We hope that you have successful, informative year and look forward to working together for betterment and success of all of our children!

Shakeda Gaines

Shakeda Gaines, President

Philadelphia Home and School Council