Letter from the PHSC President...

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The Philadelphia Home and School Council is excited to welcome our Home and School Associations to the 2019-2020 academic year. We hope you had an exciting but well-rested summer vacation. We also are keeping our fingers crossed and are optimistic that you are feeling recharged and ready to start a new school year.


Philadelphia Home and School Council is delighted that you all are apart of this amazing community of ambitious advocates, fundraising gurus, tech-savvy superhumans, persuasive pioneers, and passionate scholars. Your commitment to ensuring that our Philadelphia schools remain celebrated and successful is awe-inspiring. It remains an honor and privilege to serve as the President of PHSC. 


Last year with the help of many HSAs across the city we were able to begin and implement significant changes to our organization. We started training HSAs at every General Membership Meetings which were well received. Strategic Planning Meetings were presented to help change/build our bylaws, policies, and guidelines. Home and School Associations from different schools are now collaborating and supporting each other. Lastly, we as an organization are now listening more, requiring input from our members, training often, and dictating less. 


We still have so much more work to do! We cannot do it without you all.  


You and families around the city are working together to build stronger schools and communities. PHSC is the only city-wide parent organization that brings these voices together. This year, we’re working on making our voice louder and showing the city the power of united HSAs.  


We’re revising our bylaws to bring the HSA membership to the front of everything PHSC does. We’re bringing more strategic training to parents. We’re representing your concerns with the School District of Philadelphia everyday—in the halls around our office, at Board of Education meetings, and repping on the district-wide Family Engagement Task Force. We are here to serve HSAs, and your needs drive our agenda so please share your thoughts and goals with us!


Philadelphia Home and School Council can’t unite families if you all don’t support these efforts, and there are lots of ways to be a city-wide school district leader! Please consider joining PHSC. We are still in need of a Secretary and Vice President, we also need people on our legal, advocacy, and events committee. 


Again, I hope you all have a spectacular year and wish you all grace, safe space, blessings, and the strength that only coffee can give on a busy Monday morning!


With Love, 

Shakeda Gaines

Shakeda Gaines, President

Philadelphia Home and School Council