Fundraising & Philanthropy Chairperson



Fundraising Mission: 


For Schools 

  • To evaluate fundraisers based on their dollar performance and man-hours needed.

  • Evaluate fundraising conditions and add/subtract fundraisers as economic conditions dictate. 

  • Explore passive fundraising opportunities for Home and School Associations that will allow HSA Officers to create more curriculum-based and parent-teacher all school activities. 



  • Ensuring programs that the Philadelphia Home and School Council hosts such as the PHSC High School Awards, The HSA Awards, and The Benevolent Fund, etc, are fully funded. 

  • Secure grants for the general operating budget. 



  • Develop a plan/calendar to coordinate all fundraising activities across the school year for PHSC. 

  • Ensure the fundraising programs, approved by the Philadelphia Home and School Council Executive Board, meet the guidelines as recommended for the current school year. 

  • As needed, keep the President informed and provide an overall fundraising update at the monthly general membership meetings.

Grant Writing: 

  • Develop a long-term vision for incorporating grant writing into the PHSC fundraising efforts as appropriate. 

  • Advise and assist with potential grant opportunities. 

  • Work with the President and the PHSC board to share potential grants that support PHSC/HSAs programs and to gain approval for moving ahead with a specific grant.



  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan and strategy to assure the fiscal health of the organization through philanthropy and fund development.

  •  Report to the membership the recommendations of the Philanthropy efforts.

  •  Work with PHSC Treasurer to coordinate the purchase of items approved by the Committee and Executive Board; 


General Duties:

  1. Coordinate all fundraising activities.

  2. During the spring officer transition, develop a plan/calendar to communicate the timing and type of fundraising programs, for input to the district calendar as well as a parent communication flyer for the beginning of the school year. 

  3. Work with the President and Treasurer to understand and to ensure that PHSC financial goals and budgeted income/fundraising targets are met.

  4. Work with the Treasurer to track income on a regular basis. As needed, provide a recap at the monthly PHSC Executive Board meetings and General Membership Meetings to ensure fundraising goal is achieved based on the above mission.

  5. Prepare communication as needed for passive fundraisers that can be shared with our HSA membership collective

  6. As needed, provide input to the President for website communication of “overall” fundraising activities and best practices.

  7. If additional fundraising is needed, evaluate and make recommendations to the Executive Board and the General membership for fundraisers. Ensure there are balances and variety across the fundraisers offered to the membership, such as; the Auction, the Central 100% Fund, passive programs (Target cards, BoxTops), catalog product sales (Innisbrook, Original Works Art) and special interest (Pavers, Book Fair, etc.)

  8. Solicit philanthropy requests and ideas. 

  9. Keep a file of requests that may come from the Executive Board

  10. Track all philanthropy purchases, working with the treasurer as needed, for the duration of his/her term.

  11. The 2nd VP participates as a member of the Budget Committee. This committee meets in June or July to formulate a budget for presentation to the membership at the September PHSC General Membership meeting.

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